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10 Marketable Skills in 2020 – Part 1

This is the Part 1 of this 10 marketable skill in 2020 series I plan to write before 2020 January.

Social Media Marketing Skills

BIZ TIP Thursday

One of the most marketable skills in today’s work is Digital Marketing Skills.

Get it and you would never ever be broke again.

If only you know the number of people that need a tech-savvy person to manage their social media accounts and online shops. You’d rush and start developing these skills.

And it’s not a skill you need money to develop. Free online courses abound for you to learn.
All you need is determination, dedication and data.

FACT: I designed my business websites by myself and I am the one that designs all my marketing flyers. My first Business Logo for my Travel Company was designed by me. Guess what? I learnt all my digital skills online.

Once, you are through learning, pick up a few pro-bono jobs from friends and family and put what you’ve learnt into practice.
Grow others business and use it as a reference point to build your brand.

Then start marketing your brand with your skills without looking back. Charge fair fees once you start the business and get a loyal client base who will refer you to big shots and companies that will pay you your worth.

Now go and get this skill and be on your way to being financially independent and successful.

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Have a lovely and impactful day?

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