Best Dating Tips for High Quality Women

There are only three tips that summarize the best dating tips for high-quality women, you will ever get. They are: Set standards for your ideal partner and ruthlessly enforce these standards. Increase your value to attract quality people Screen out individuals that do not meet your standards. The rests are minor details. Set Standards People


Today is International Women’s Day. I celebrate myself and all women today. As we celebrate today my message to women as we celebrate IWD2018.
My plea and a message to all women- let us support each other. Let us stop tearing ourselves up.
What if you choose to encourage and cheer your fellow woman up, rather than put her down and make her feel like something is lacking in her motherhood. She already has a lot on her plate to deal with why add to it?
We often forget that whatever we sow in the life of others, we shall reap in abundance in our own life.