Best Dating Tips for High Quality Women

There are only three tips that summarize the best dating tips for high-quality women, you will ever get. They are:

  1. Set standards for your ideal partner and ruthlessly enforce these standards.
  2. Increase your value to attract quality people
  3. Screen out individuals that do not meet your standards.

The rests are minor details.

Set Standards

People are happiest in a relationship when they match up with someone within a range of their own level of attractiveness.

You want to be with someone with your level of standard or above. Ideally, you want to find someone who holds the same values as you. Someone that is at the same place you are in life, moving in the same direction at about the same speed (there are some exception though)

You want someone the same or similar family, educational, financial, spiritual, social and religious value as you.

If you are an honest person and value honesty, then set a standard for that and enforce it when necessary.

If the values are not enforced ruthlessly, then there is no use in setting it in the first place.


Increase your value

To increase the quality and quantity of people who you attract, you have to be more attractive. This means that you must increase how valuable you are to the people that you want to find you find you attractive.

Assuming that you desire a high-quality calibre of man, you will have to increase what you bring to the table by improving yourself to be a high-quality woman.

Screen out those that don’t meet your standard

Once your value is improved, then you will have a lot of people attracted to you. If you don’t have standards, you will obviously have a problem managing all the people that you have attracted.

If you aren’t careful, these situations will intimidate you with undesired attention.

In order not to miss out on quality individuals because you are exhausted and annoyed with a lot of undesired attention, you have to screen out individuals that do not meet your standards.

As you raise your value, you’ll have more people who are interested in you so this skill becomes even more important.

Don’t just focus on increasing value, also focus on how to sort the best from the worst.  The simplest way to screen people is to eliminate anyone that is in a worse position than you are.

This means, don’t date anyone in bad financial shape than you are in; especially if you are struggling financially.

Don’t date anyone that is less intelligent than you are or less ambitious, or less involved in making an impact in the world, or less family oriented or less committed to building a healthy relationship.

Depending on what standards you have set and the priority qualities that you want in a future husband.

Your ultimate goal is to skim down the crowd of suitors that ultimately comes with being a high-quality person.

This screening method is deep, as it means that you will only have to give chance to people who have similar values to you and thus will be able to connect with you on a deeper level.

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