Personal Development journey

Personal Development is a journey and self-love is the first step of this journey. As you embark on this journey of personal development, life will always bring new chapters and new challenges, you’ll have massive breakthroughs (I have experienced this first hand), amazing highs (I have so much to say about the highs too) and

Family planning methods available in Nigeria

Do you know the family planning methods available for you in Nigeria? If you don’t know, don’t worry I have listed all the family planning methods available here in Nigeria. The good news is that these services are readily available in all health centers across Nigeria and all hospitals offer family planning services. You can

11 Ways to start taking control of your life

You can’t fulfill your destiny and live a successful life unless you take control of your life and start living intentionally. Here are 11 ways to start taking control of your life. 1. Make the decision to be the boss of your life Every form of change starts with you. You have to find “your