Family planning methods available in Nigeria

Do you know the family planning methods available for you in Nigeria? If you don’t know, don’t worry I have listed all the family planning methods available here in Nigeria. The good news is that these services are readily available in all health centers across Nigeria and all hospitals offer family planning services. You can

11 Ways to start taking control of your life

You can’t fulfill your destiny and live a successful life unless you take control of your life and start living intentionally. Here are 11 ways to start taking control of your life. 1. Make the decision to be the boss of your life Every form of change starts with you. You have to find “your

Mutual Trust – a key to building healthy relationship

Mutual Trust is a key to building a healthy relationship. On my previous post on characteristics of a healthy relationship, I wrote that trust is one of the key pillars of a solid relationship, the other pillar being RESPECT. Trust is the foundation and a core pillar to build any solid lasting relationship. If you need to


Today is International Women’s Day. I celebrate myself and all women today. As we celebrate today my message to women as we celebrate IWD2018.
My plea and a message to all women- let us support each other. Let us stop tearing ourselves up.
What if you choose to encourage and cheer your fellow woman up, rather than put her down and make her feel like something is lacking in her motherhood. She already has a lot on her plate to deal with why add to it?
We often forget that whatever we sow in the life of others, we shall reap in abundance in our own life.