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Difference Between a Good Woman and a Great Woman

There is a big difference between a good woman and a great woman. You often hear some great men referring to their women (mom, wife, girlfriend) as great women.



Being a good woman is good, at least it is better than being a bad woman. But there is a whole lot of difference between a good woman and a great woman.

A good woman does not add any stress to the life of her man. She is pleasant and often times passive. She and her man almost never disagree and even when disagreement occurs, the path to resolution is peaceful and swift.

While she is not special or spectacular in any way, she is not detrimental to his life or well-being. There are many women like this in the world

Aiming to be a good woman is not a bad goal. Most men pray for a good woman and often spend most part of their lives looking for a good woman to marry.

But why be good when you can be great.


The Difference between a “Good” Woman and a “Great” Woman

On the other hand, a great woman has one thing that a good woman does not have. She has the ability to inspire others to greatness.

A great woman inspires those around her. There are many physical, psychological and emotional traits that allow her to do this one thing that differentiates her from the “good” woman.


A great woman, more than anything inspires her man. She is always inspiring her man to be the best version of himself, to be a king, to be great and successful.

Most men get into marriage relationship and consider it to be the finish line. outside of doing what they need to do to excel in their chosen profession, they cease almost all behaviours that make them attractive. They float at the level they entered the relationship at.

However, nothing in the world is neutral. So after some time, they start regressing until they become an unattractive shell of their former selves. The same happens to their relationship.

The power of a great woman is that she inspires her man to keep improving; because she is a woman who is always working on ways to improve herself daily to be the best version of herself.                                                 She is always focused on ways to keep improving herself

She also inspires him to find new and exciting ways to be attractive to her. This is what separates the good women from the great women. The “good” are okay with regression and stagnation, while the greats are rare.


Men fall for good women based on nothing more than being a better alternative to the other worst alternatives. On the other hand, a great woman, makes a man want to be better every single moment in order to be deserving of her.

The Great women attract high quality of men with high standards and values. The man she ends up with never regress. He becomes a better man – she is part of the reason why.

How To Be a Great Woman

To be a great woman, adopt the belief that no matter what challenges you may face in life, you must always be working on ways to improve yourself.

This is to ensure that when you get into a relationship that you won’t ever let yourself stagnate – for stagnation is death.

As long as you are in the process of continuous improvement, this is the standard you will judge any man who enters your life.

If you are improving then you will be in a better position to recognize a man who believes in self-improvement. and can easily move on from a relationship that is less suited for you.

“Many women have done wonderful things, but you’ve outclassed them all!” Prov 31: 29

The great woman is what Proverb 31 describes as the virtuous woman. This post about the biblical virtuous woman explains it all.

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