Happy New Year- Welcome to 2018

Happy New Year Fam.

Welcome, to a brand new year. I hope you are expectant this year. If you are not then I encourage you to be, it is a new year after all. New Years are for New Beginnings.


Take stock of all your activities last year.

What did you do right, what did you not get right? What needs to be improved in your life? How do you intend to go about improving it?

What were your greatest achievements in 2017, how did you achieve those things? Do you need any lifestyle improvement or is it a total overhaul of your lifestyle that you need to do.


What Changes do you have to make this year?

Do you need to invest in any area of your life so you can become a better you in that area? Are you committed to being a better you this year?

Have you decided on what you want to achieve this year? Do you need to set specific goals that will help you achieve all you have set out to achieve this year?


Do you have fears that may cripple your dreams? What are your strengths and weaknesses? How do you plan to leverage on those weaknesses to achieve great heights?

Are your goals small or big, if they are small why are you not aiming higher? Are you afraid that you won’t achieve them if they are bigger than what you are currently seeing?


These questions are for you to get your brain into a thinking mode. Get pen and paper, find answers to these questions. Once you have the answers then you can then ask yourself how you can set goals that will help you become a better you this year.

Don’t forget that you can be whatever you want to be and you can achieve whatever you want to achieve, just believe in your self.


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Have a prosperous new year once again!

P.S. If you wish to enter the new year with fasting and prayers, You can get some helpful resources here.

If you would prefer to fast like Daniel. You can find a wonderful resource for that here.


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