I love reading biographies of great women and men, I especially love biographies of Powerful black women that have made a mark for themselves in the sand of time. They have defied all odds that pose as a stumbling block to everyone and excelled in their chosen careers. They did not let the fact that they were women to hinder them from excelling.

Once you have decided to be a powerful beauty, then you must increase your knowledge base and one of the things you need to form a habit of doing is reading good books and biographies are always a good read.

So join me as I share my perspective on the lives of these great women that have impacted history and are still doing so, I hope that from reading them you will be motivated in a lot of ways and choose to live your life differently as you learn from their mistakes and ride on their strengths.

Hopefully someday our stories will be told as we leave our footsteps in the sand of time.

What is Biography? Biography is the story of a person’s life written by someone else.


Reading Biography isĀ important for various reasons but, I will highlight just a few of these important reasons:


1. It helps us stand on the shoulder of giants.


2. It gives us mentors at a distance.


3. It allows us to see the world in new and broader ways.


4. It reminds us that history often repeats itself.


5. Promotes Self-discovery.
Reading a biography, an autobiography or memoirs promotes self-discovery. stories of these great men and women often times resonate with us, it enables us to we easily deduce if we are on the right track.


6. Biography enables us to learn lessons from the life and journey of the legends more than any self-help book.


7. They help us realize that nothing is impossible.


8. It encourages us to dream big and work diligently to achieve our dreams because if they can, then we too can.


I hope you will learn from the lives of these great women I will be featuring on this page.

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