How to overcome your fears

I have always believed in facing my Fears. I am an advocate of fearless living. But even the most courageous of us have something we are afraid of. That is why I want to share my personal experience of how to overcome your fears.

So how do you overcome your fears? By smashing them head-on. Go ahead and do that which you are afraid of. It’s as simple as that.

For me, one of my fears is Going Live on Social Media, and this has taken a toll on my visibility as an online entrepreneur.

But Today I took a step towards overcoming this fear and went LIVE.

I am so excited that I finally did it. I didn’t announce it before going because I wasn’t sure I could pull it off. But I did. Glory to God.

This is also another tip, on how to overcome your fear. Don’t go about telling people what you intend to do. Go ahead and do it, before making the announcement.

When I wrote my first book, no one knew what I was working on until I wanted to edit it, that was when I told one of my close friends that I needed her to edit my book for me.

I have found that action speaks louder than voice. SO take the action and let it speak for you.

Here is a link to the replay of the Facebook LIVE. Go Watch it and tell me what you think about it.

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Have a lovely day as you take a step towards overcoming one of your greatest fear that is limiting your financial freedom.

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