Legitimate Ways to Work from Home in 2018

Did you know that there are legitimate ways to work from home and make lots of money? Did you know that YOU can make a living working from “home”? A lot of people have succeeded in doing that and you too can! And the best part is that it doesn’t really take a whole lot to make a legitimate living working from home? All you need to have in abundance is the Passion, Endurance and Focus.

It doesn’t take a rich spouse. You don’t need to save up a lot of funds stashed aside to help you get going till you start earning. You don’t need an MBA  or any other fancy degree.All it takes is The Right Skills (not degree) + The Right Actions to create results then you will definitely get the work-from-home life that you’ve always wanted.

Every once in a while I’ll run into conversations on social media discussing why some people make it working from home and so many others don’t. In these conversations, I’ve seen some really interesting theories:

  • These women have rich husbands or sponsors who could support them while they got started.
  • These women had the time and resources to start working from home on the side for months or years before going full-time.
  • These women had saved up a ton of money allowing them time and space to succeed without worry.
  • These women obviously have fancy business degrees and insider knowledge.

I know these women. I’m one of them. For many of us, myself included, none of this is true. Most of us start our work-at-home journeys not having an insider knowledge and without a penny stashed aside. I have tried out making money online previously but because I was not passionate enough to endure and learn the robes, I gave up several times.

Last year when I quit my job to dive head first into this world I knew absolutely nothing about. I didn’t personally know a SOUL who was working from home and making a living from it. All I knew was that it is possible to work from home and have the life I wanted. I knew Linda Ikeji made it and so I too can. But beyond the shores of Nigeria, a lot of men and women are living the life they had only dreamt of, just because they believed that THEY CAN MAKE BIG if only they can overcome their fears, looked within themselves and find that SOLUTION for PEOPLES’ NEED deliver it and MAKE LOTS OF MONEY from it.


You have a solution for people’s NEEDS that they are willing to PAY you LOTS OF MONEY for.

If my partner Caitlin Pyle can, then you too can!  She not only lost her “stable” job unexpectedly one day, she was humiliated by her bosses on her way out. But she used her talent to build into a multimillion-dollar business in a short while.
Suzi of startamomblog who had to become a stay at home mom after the birth of her first child needed an outlet for her productive creative energy so she started blogging – she discovered a that she can use that platform is to make more money so her husband won’t have to keep working overtime but have more time to spend with her and her kids. In less than three years she has made over $200,000 from her blog, With her income, they were able to pay off their mortgage and have the life they have always wanted.

I could go on for days, but many of the success stories from the women I know online started the same way – it was a do or die time, and we were NOT going to face those horrible 9-to-5 jobs again or feel guilty for not spending enough time with our little ones. We had to find a different way. AND FAST!

The honest truth is I have not started making six figures yet, but I know I am on the right track and I have no regrets at all. If I had not made this decision I’d probably be working in an office where my talents will be underutilized and I will keep dreaming and wishing about the wonderful life I want to have, leaving from pay check to pay check and planning my life around the paltry sum.

But when I quit my job, I knew things were going to change. If for no other reason, at least I am giving myself a chance to utilize all my talents and turn them into MONEY MAKING FUNNELS. The moment I found out I could have the kind of life I desire, that I could be in control of my future – for the first time ever! I held the key to MY success, not someone else – I liberated, the excitement I gained from my FREEDOM can only be experienced because it’s indescribable.

I learned skills on my own and I am using them to make money online helping others.

Today, I earn more money than I have ever earned for over 5 years now, and IT KEEPS GETTING BETTER. I have raised my income bar higher this year again. I can do that with confidence because the opportunities abound online and we live in an internet world and you can do it from your “HOME OFFICE”.

Want to learn how to do it for yourself? You can! 

Caitlin has taken her experience along with the experience of 45+ other experts and created the first-ever Work-At-Home Summit. Over 6 action-packed days, you’ll learn directly from Caitlin and her dream team of 45+ experts on how combining The Right Skills + The Right Actions can make your work-at-home dream a reality THIS YEAR.

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You can use what you learn during the summit to create additional income to help you pay off debt, save up for that vacation you wanted, or maybe even completely replace your income like Caitlin and several others did. You can spend more time with your family instead of commuting to your job.

If 2018 is THE YEAR you want to jump in and build your own work-at-home life, register for the free Work-At-Home Summit HERE

Here is what the schedule is like:

DAY 1: Mindset, overcoming money blocks, and goal-setting: Monday, January 29th
DAY 2: Mindset, overcoming money blocks, and goal-setting: Tuesday, January 30th
DAY 3: Learn from experts specializing in service-based Work-At-Home incomes, working as transcriptionists, proofreaders, writers, designers, and more: Wednesday, January 31st
DAY 4: Learn from people who make a living working from home via blogging, selling on Etsy, self-publishing, affiliate marketing, selling on Amazon, and even fleamarket flipping: Thursday, February 1st.
DAY 5: How to market yourself, find clients, managing work/life balance, networking, healthcare, and how to travel and work at the same time: Friday, February 2nd.
DAY 6: Learn the ins and outs of keeping yourself motivated, staying healthy when it’s tempting to sit on the couch with the computer all day, and easy ways to deal with accounting and taxes: Saturday, February 3rd.

Here are some of the lessons you’ll learn and the experts you’ll meet in the summit:

  • Landing your first work-at-home job (with Angie Nelson of )
  • Becoming a virtual assistant (with Gina Horkey of
  • Making money as a writer/blogger (with Jeff Goins of
  • Identifying your work-at-home strengths (with Rosemarie Groner)
  • Making money as an affiliate marketer (with Michelle Schroeder-Gardner)
  • Exploding your income by offering digital marketing services (with Julie Stoian of
  • Marketing your personality (with Brittney Bulllen of

These are women (and men) I have known, and I am following and have learned from for years. You have the opportunity to learn from the people I learn from. Not only is the event FREE, but it’s also VIRTUAL , what would a Work-At-Home Summit be if you couldn’t attend from home?

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