list of qualities to look for in future husband

How do I know he is the one? This question is common among young ladies who want to get married and do it right. Would a list of qualities to look for in future husband help you determine if he is the right one for you?

Well, to answer both questions I would start by saying that you can only know he is right for you if you have the parameters of what you actually want – that is s comprehensive description of the qualities your future husband should have (in other of priority) of course.


Remember “if you don’t know where you are going; every junction looks like your bus stop”


If you don’t have a basis for accessing something how would you know if he is your Mr right or Mr Wrong? So the first step is, to know what you want, by having an in-depth knowledge of the person you are accessing. To know him, you have to be a spy and a keen observer of his words and actions; because this is a matter of your life, your future and the future of your kids.


The person you choose to marry would determine how far and how easy it will be for you to achieve your dreams and live a fulfilled life. It will determine to a large extent how much of your talents you will utilize in order to fulfil your destiny. As a woman, you should not be lackadaisical in making this choice.


The next step is to make a comprehensive list of all the qualities you want in your future life partner, and then rate each attribute on the scale of 1-10 or as a percentage.

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Note: if any attribute is considered priority then, by all means, don’t compromise on it, but if you choose to make the compromise be sure it is something you can live with and tolerate without complaints and grudges.

Don’t sweep red flags under the carpet and convince yourself that you will pray for him to change, by all means, pray, but if he doesn’t change you have to bear with whatever compromise you made. I am not saying you shouldn’t make a compromise but it should be on attributes with least priority or importance attached to them. For instance, I compromised on height in my own circumstance.


My life partner and husband scored 8-10 on 95% for attributes of high importance and priority for me. For other important but negotiable attributes he scored 6- 10 on 80% of negotiable attributes, while on the attribute of less importance such as height, he scored 60%.


So all I am saying is that by the end of the day he should have an overall score of 7-9 or 80% for your list of qualities in a future husband. Of which he should score 9-10 in all your deal breakers (i.e. non-negotiable attributes)   (this list should be personalized to your preferences) it shouldn’t be the same as mine or your best friends list.


You can DOWNLOAD the Qualities of a Future Husband List Template HERE. You can adapt your list of attributes using it as a guide. USE IT AS A GUIDE!


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Download your list of qualities to look out for in a future husband. I wish you all the best.

For a more personalized guide on making the final decision before you accept the ring and say “Yes I do”.Feel free to send me a mail to or fill use this contact form.

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