The Importance of Mutual Respect in Relationship

Mutual Respect in a relationship is a key to building a healthy relationship. On my previous post on characteristics of a healthy relationship, I wrote that respect is one of the key pillars of a solid relationship, the other pillar being TRUST.

It is common knowledge that nobody likes to be disrespected. While I was in secondary school an inscription on the wall helped me train myself to be a respectable person at all times. The inscription says “Respect is Reciprocal”; this simply means that respect is a two-way thing; you don’t disrespect someone and expect to be respected by that same person.

For any relationship to thrive, the parties involved must have mutual respect for each other.

Even in a family relationship, all family member should respect each other. Parents should respect the rights of the children and teach them about respecting others by their action. They should listen to the children and hear them out on why did something wrong before taking a disciplinary action. Children learn respect from us by our actions.


“No human being deserves to be disrespected”


I have always heard people ask this question; how do you respect someone who has not earned the respect they are demanding from you?

As difficult as this may seem, there is a simple solution for it. If you have a strong relationship with such a person, then you need to seek out a quality worthy of respect from her.

If you can’t find any quality still worthy of your respect, then it is better to cut off from such a relationship. Not being able to do that means you can’t do without such a person – that is enough reason to respect the person.


Discuss how you feel about with mutual respect in your relationship

When you are in a relationship that you not being respected, you need to ask yourself if you are respectable enough to deserve the type of respect you are demanding for.

If the answer is YES, that you deserve the respect you are demanding then ask the one that you are in a relationship with, why he or she does not respect you.

“Truly Powerful people don’t explain why they want respect. They simply don’t engage someone who doesn’t give it to them”
– Sherry Argov.

If you are given an honest answer, fine and good, take proactive action, work on yourself and improve what needs improving.


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But if, you are not given an honest answer or you feel you are still being disrespected then do yourself a favour – respect yourself and stop being in a relationship that is destroying your self-esteem.

“No one can make you feel inferior without your consent”
– Eleanor Roosevelt.


If you feel disrespected, respect yourself first, then treat others with respect. Finally, do not engage those that have refused to give you your due respect.


Don’t allow bad circumstances to rub you off the respect in your relationship:

In a relationship characterized by mutual respect, the parties involved do not allow obstacles or circumstances to become more important than the relationship.This is especially true in a marriage relationship.

<couple fighting>
As unpleasant as they look, this is how we also look when we fight with our spouse.

No matter the obstacles or circumstances a marriage faces, true couple that value their relationship would never disrespect each other in private or in public. They preserve the sanctity of such relationship even in their differences.

Remember this next time you have a disagreement with your spouse. Avoid calling the whole world to say bad things behind about him. If you have anything to say, say it to him, not to outsiders.

Even when you are done with the relationship, respect the time you were together. This may be difficult, as you might want to get back to him but it is not necessary. No one ever felt better in the long run, by pulling others down. Move on and be positive while doing that.

Build a relationship characterized by mutual respect, even when the relationship is struggling, you will be more willing to work towards improving it than you would if you are in a relationship stripped of respect.

Even in the face of pressure (from work, pregnancy, loss, and financial challenges), you would still treat the other person with patience and kindness.

Check the important relationships in your life, are they characterized by mutual respect? Do you need to take action to channel it in the right direction in terms of respect?


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