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Mutual Trust – a key to building healthy relationship

Mutual Trust is a key to building a healthy relationship. On my previous post on characteristics of a healthy relationship, I wrote that trust is one of the key pillars of a solid relationship, the other pillar being RESPECT.

Trust is the foundation and a core pillar to build any solid lasting relationship. If you need to build a SOLID HEALTHY RELATIONSHIP then you must not compromise trust.

To build trust, you must have checked and tested the person involved, you can’t base your trust in the air, no, you need a proof, a solid proof.

Are You Trustworthy?

It is important to state here that before you demand someone’s trust, you must be trustworthy; you can’t be two-faced and pretentious and demand that an honest and pure person should trust you blindly.

A solid friendship is beyond a shoulder given freely for you to lean on, the outstretched arms nor the receptive kindly smile nor the mere joy of companionship. It is more about peace and joy that comes when one discovers that someone trusts in them and believes in them and more so that you can be yourself and let your guard down without being ashamed or cautioned or even betrayed. It is the understanding that occurs even in the deepest of silence.

To find a trustworthy person is hard, but when we find that person we can willingly trust, we can be assured that our friendship is built on a solid foundation.


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Don’t trust too easily

Don’t hinge your trust on just that person’s words.

Appraise actions, if they treat you differently from the way they treat others, it’s a red light, don’t trust such a fellow.

Test them with little things

Someone you love may betray your trust, it is a fact, but that should not make to stop trusting people. It should only make you be more caution and careful next time

Put your trust in God more than in mere man; because God will never fail you, but man is bound to fail.


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