Newborn baby shopping checklist

Are you expecting a new baby? CONGRATULATIONS!

I guess you got to this page because you were looking for a newborn baby shopping checklist. If you are like me, you would want to have everything ready for the arrival of your bundle of joy.

When I was expecting my first child, I didn’t know where to start and what to buy, so I had to visit the internet to get a comprehensive list tailored to my need. I got a piece of paper and wrote down all that was crucial for me to have. and I started buying early.

QUICK TIP: Postponing baby shopping until the latter part of your pregnancy could be a daunting task.  Even if you feel you can pull it off in your third trimester, you may not have the lump cash to you may need to shop all the items on your list at once.

So I suggest you start shopping early. You don’t have to buy all baby essentials at once.


This is the list I came up with. You don’t have to get everything on this list but it will give you a good idea on what should be on your list.


  1. Shawl
  2. Receiving blanket
  3. 4-8 Sleeping suits
  4. 4-8 Bodysuit ( wide head openings and loose legs)
    Buy this bodysuit on Jumia and get it delivered to your doorstep.
  5. 10 undershirts or vests ( snaps at the neck or wide head openings, snaps under crouch)
  6. 4-8 one-piece pyjamas
  7. 2-5 sweaters or jackets (front buttoned)
  8. 10 – 15 socks or booties
  9. Dress-up outfits
  10. 3-6 caps
  11. 3-5 flannel
  12. Cloth dryer
  13. Baby hangers
  14. Baby cloth pegs (different sizes)
  15. Peg basket
  16. Soft detergent for washing baby clothes
  17. Fabric softener (gives baby cloth good scent after washing)
  18. Disinfectant for washing
  19. Mild washing soap
  20. Jik or Hypo



<baby crib>

  1. Baby crib or cot. Buy this baby cot and have it delivered to your doorstep.
  2. Bassinet or Moses basket
  3. Firm flat mattress that fits snugly in the crib (less than two fingers should fit between mattress and crib)
  4. 2-4 fitted crib sheets
  5. Dresser/ wardrobe
  6. Toys and toy basket
  7. Rocking or armchair
  8. Wallpapers, stickers and rattles.

Other accessories for the nursery and outing

  1. baby bouncer or sleeper
  2. Stroller
  3. baby carrying sling or pouch
  4. walker
  5. car seat


Diaper Change

  1. Changing table
  2. Changing table pad and cover
  3. Diaper ( Huggies is very good)
  4. Diaper cream (Sudocream and Bell zinc and castor oil cream)
  5. Cloth Nappy
  6. Nappy liners
  7. Nappy pail
  8. Unscented baby wipes ( causes less irritation)
  9. Soft washcloths
  10. Tissues
  11. Changing Mat
  12. Nappy bag



  1. Bathtub for baby (Mothercare product is good)
  2. Baby soap or liquid soap (Johnson product is good)
  3. Baby shampoo
  4. 2-4 towels or hooded baby towels
  5. Baby hairbrush or comb
  6. Soft washcloths (use a different colour or pattern from your diaper changing washcloth)
  7. Baby cream or moisturizer
  8. Vaseline or other baby jellies
  9. Baby oil
  10. Powder
  11. Baby cologne
  12. Cotton wool
  13. Dettol or Savlon
  14. Soft baby sponge
  15. Soap dish and sponge dish
  16. A big cup,2 bowels and 1buket
  17. Basket for keeping baby bath things
  18. Olive oil (Goya)
  19. Glycerin borax (for cleaning baby tongue)



  1. Bottles and nipples (both big and small sizes)
  2. Bottle warmer
  3. Sterilizer ( Avent unit or tummy tippy)
  4. Bottlebrush
  5. Dishwasher basket for small items
  6. 4-8 bibs (different colours)
  7. Burp Cloths
  8. High chair
  9. 2-4 pacifiers
  10. Hot water Flask
  11. Milton tablet or liquid (for sterilization)


For nursing mum

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  1. 1-3 nursing bras (breasts swell following birth, so start with one size larger than your maternity bra, wait until size settles down – about 2 weeks after birth to purchase additional bras)
  2. Nursing pads
  3. Nipple cream
  4. Nursing pillow
  5. Breast pump
  6. Milk storage bags


Medicine Cabinet

  1. Baby nail care set
  2. Cotton ball
  3. Baby thermometer
  4. Spoon with measurements
  5. Petroleum jelly and sterile gauze
  6. Neonatal paracetamol
  7. Saline nasal drops
  8. Disinfecting liquid soap (for you)
  9. Mentolatum
  10. Spirit (Moko brand)


I have shared this newborn baby shopping list with a lot of my friends and family; they said it was quite helpful to them. hopefully, it will be helpful to you to too.

It would be nice to hear from you. Feel free to let me know if there is something that you feel should be added to this list.

Do not forget to share this list with your family and friends that are expectant parents.


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