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Personal Development journey

Personal Development is a journey and self-love is the first step of this journey.

As you embark on this journey of personal development, life will always bring new chapters and new challenges, you’ll have massive breakthroughs (I have experienced this first hand), amazing highs (I have so much to say about the highs too) and some awful lows (as much as I hate these lows, I can’t deny they I have experienced it first-hand several times on this journey).

Say “NO” to self-rejection on this Journey of Personal development

If there’s one thing I’ve learnt on this journey, it’s that self-rejection is one of the most painful states of being.

To live in a home that you hate, to walk around feeling ashamed and scared to be seen out of fear that society will judge and reject you – that’s not living. To be afraid of voicing your opinion, because you are afraid of being judged.

Self-rejection will stunt your growth and keep you playing small. It will suck the joy out of your life, and distract you from your purpose.

Life is so short. You deserve to LIVE FULLY, to be HEALTHY and HAPPY and JOYFUL and FREE

Please put self-love at the top of your priority list on your personal development journey. Work on it every day, commit to making it one of the most important goals of your life.

The more you practice, the easier it gets. And whenever that little voice pops up and tells you:
that “you’re not good enough”,
that you are not strong enough,
that you are not beautiful enough,
that you are not intelligent enough,
that you are not courageous enough,
that you are not strong enough;

you can turn around and yell aloud at it ” I AM ENOUGH”


Because you’re amazing. No matter what you are going through and how people perceive you, make a conscious effort to love yourself every day.

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