The Assertive Woman in a Relationship


The Assertive Woman in a Relationship will help you understand why the assertive woman enjoys healthier relationships. Discover what drives her and how she makes choices that will benefit all and yet not jeopardize her rights and happiness. Build your self-esteem and learn how to say NO to what you don’t want.

This Book was written in order to lead us into the mind of the assertive woman and to understand how and why she enjoys healthier relationships.

What you will learn from this book:

  • the characteristics of assertive women;
  • what assertiveness is not all about;
  • the skill of assertiveness and how to apply it in your relationships;
  • the consequences of being an assertive woman in a world where women are expected to be passive, subservient, nice and docile.

Who is this book for?
This book is for you:

  • If you want to boost your self-confidence and self-esteem
  • If you want to learn how to say NO confidently without further explanation,
  • If you want to get the confidence to end an abusive or un-productive relationship
  • If you believe that you are a queen and want to be treated like a queen,
  • If you are tired of constant heartbreak,
  • If you want a happy relationship where you are satisfied

This book is not for you

  • If you believe you are a doormat
  • If you see yourself as inferior to any man
  • If you prefer to take the backseat in your relationship,
  • If you are not willing to work on yourself and take responsibility in your relationship,
  • If you like complaining about the woes you go through in the hands of men but don’t want to do anything about it
  • If you don’t understand the concept of self-love.

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Assertiveness is a social and communication skill that counsellors often encourage people with low self-worth to cultivate.

Women often battle with low self-esteem at different stages of their life.

This is a book that will teach you how to be more confident and how to express yourself.

It explains how the assertive woman is able to express her feelings, wishes wants and desires appropriately in all her interactions with other people.

Be it at home or at work, with employers, customers or colleagues; in a clear, open and reasonable way, without undermining her own or other people’s rights.