Why Be Powerful Beauty?

Because I believe in the Power of a woman. I believe in her strength.
This blog is geared towards empowering women to be financially independent and to encourage her to continuously strive to be the best version of herself
My approach toward women empowerment is from a position of strength not and not from a position of weakness.

Often times women are always qualified with certain adjectives such as beautiful, pretty, sexy, virtuous, nice, sweet e.t.c. but are hardly qualified with adjectives such as powerful, rich, and the likes. Thus this makes women pursue mundane things thereby making them not to live to their full potential, this trend is especially prevalent in this part of the world where their roles are limited and stereotyped.

I believe that women were created strong, they are powerful beings. They have the ability to endure the highest degree of pain and still come out smiling the next second during childbirth. They have the inherent ability to multitask and accomplish a lot in their lifetime.

This is the 21st-century, it is no longer enough for women to just be beautiful, its time to be powerful beauties. Women need to stop waiting for men to give them the life they want to have and to make decisions that would favour women. It is time to change the status quo, it is the time to put on our thinking caps make use of our skills to earn REAL MONEY.
Money makes the world go round and only those that have it wields the power to make decisions and change the world.  The truth is that until women become powerful, the world would always be referred to as a “man’s world”

In most cultures, women have no inheritance both as daughters and as wifes(unless you have a son), it’s time for us to start writing our wills and naming our daughters as our successors, no more waiting for the man to do that for us; no more wasting our lives on continuously getting pregnant in order to give birth to a male child that would secure your position in your husband’s house. There is no money making gene in the XY chromosome that is not in the XX chromosome.

This blog is geared towards financially empowering women.
My approach toward women empowerment is from a position of strength and not from a position of weakness.