Why I’ve Stopped Regretting my Past.

We all have that past experience that we wish never happened, I’ve had so many bad experiences that I wish never happened. But, I’ve grown to appreciate my past. I’ve learnt never to regret my past. rather to embrace it as the teacher that it is.

Everything happens for a reason.

Every event has a purpose and every setback it’s own lessons. I have realized that failure whether of the personal, professional, or even spiritual kind is essential to personal expansion.

When I look back on my past and see all the bad decisions I made that lead me into big depression and illness. I realize that they are my greatest lessons in life. Often times, when I want to quit or relent in self-development journey, the pain of my past kept me on my toes, never to try to be lax or lackadaisical in my daily life.

One other reason why I’ve stopped regretting my past is that it brought me out of my cocoon, out of my comfort zone. I became vulnerable and learnt to be truly courageous in my vulnerability. I learnt to face my deepest fears when I realized that was the only option I had.

From my experience and the experience of other successful people that I have read their biography, I’ve realised that instead of regretting their mistake, they use it as a stepping stone. They learn from their mistake and become better versions of themselves.

So what’s your opinion on this matter? Do you think you can actually learn from your past? Is their an experience, you would love to share with our readers?

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