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You can be an agent of the change you desire

Do you believe you can be an agent of change

Do you look at yourself in the mirror to discover you are not the woman you used to be or realize that you are not the woman you want to be? Yet, you feel helpless to bring about the change you desire.
Do you know you can be an agent of the change you desire?

Does your mirror image echo to you the thoughts you try daily to suppress? Do you find yourself saying, “I need to do something about my situation? If this is you then, you should do something to bring about the change you so much desire for yourself.

Stop making excuses, get to work to bring about the change you want in your life. Quit giving excuses.

So here is what I suggest for you to do. Take your everyday plain life – your sleeping, waking, eating, work, chores, taking care of your kids, school run, e.t.c. and turn it into an extraordinary lifestyle.

Visualize how your life as a celebrity mom or single classy lady would be and start living like that with the resources at your disposal. Embrace the classy lifestyle you want by changing how you live your daily life.

You can be the Change You Want.

Refuse to be so well-adjusted to the life you have now (which you aren’t satisfied with, by the way) that you unconsciously fit into it. All I am saying is that you make a conscious effort to intentionally live the life that you desire.

Remember change comes from within you before it can reflect on the outside and from there it can reflect on your standard of life. The very first step towards change is to believe that you can be the change you desire.

Refuse to fit into the stereotype set by the society, your culture or your religion that you fit into it without thinking of the repercussion to you and your future generations. Don’t fit into the stereotype that the society has defined for you without asking questions.

Refuse to be the woman, that complain or the woman who always wait for others to bring the change she desires. You can be an agent of change. Remember, you are a powerful beauty. Own your beauty, display your power by being an agent of change to your life, your family, your society, your world.

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